What is Random Narratives?

Randy Naramere

While sitting in a coffee shop enjoying a nice, hot Chai Latte one morning I got an idea. One which was simple, sweet, and oh so delectable. Why not create a site where you, the visitor, could have an idea you have turned into a story? Want a date with a famous celebrity? I can write a story for you. Have a crazy idea for a cool adventure? Tally-ho! You control the stories. You make the memories. Welcome to Random Narratives.

Creativity and passion abound in the hearts of everyone. Let's unlock both of them together as we look into the creative passions of the heart with stories made and inspired by you. Delve into the depths of Davy Jones' Locker, travel alongside elves in an Enchanted Forest, or find the last hidden page before Slender Man can find you. With stories tailored to your imagination the sky is just the beginning of what limits we can reach together.